Easy Easter Baskets

Get the family together for a fun Easter-themed craft that costs less than $10! Creative Craft Consultant Malena Chipps joins us from Fancy That Antiques in Wilbraham to share more.

Easy Easter Baskets

*All items used in our segment were purchased at the dollar store for under $10!

Items needed:
Mod Podge decoupage glue
1/8 yard of 4 different colors of fabric OR
4 Rolls of different colored ribbon
1 Roll of wire edge ribbon
1 package of bows or decorations
3 balloons OR square plastic or cardboard box
1 plastic bowl
1 paint brush

Blow up balloon. Tie to secure. Put it upside down in a bowl.
Take fabric and cut into long strips OR squares depending on your style.
Starting at the center, lay each strip on the balloon or box.
Paint on decoupage glue making sure it saturates all the way through the fabric/ribbon. Lay each color in the same order. Repeat but lay the fabric/ribbon strips the opposite way to make the pattern look like a woven basket.
Allow the basket to dry overnight.
Paint on a second coat of decoupage glue.
Allow glue to dry for a few hours. You can use a hair dryer if needed.
Pop balloon or carefully remove plastic/cardboard box. (If you use a box, cover with a plastic bag first so it doesn’t stick.)
Take a small amount of wire edged ribbon and glue to sides of basket.
Fill with toys and candy!

(Baskets are not waterproof!)