2018 Derby Hat Style Guide

Derby season is coming! Fashionistas are beginning to search for hats to complete their look. There are two categories to choose from when looking to purchase or make a hat…CLASSIC or ASTOUNDING!
1. Do you want to blend in or would you rather stand out? It’s Princess Kate vs. Isabella Blow!
If you like Princess Kate’s style, you might choose a more classic and tailored look. Neutral colors such as white, buff, pink and black would be suitable for you. Trims such as flowers in small sizes would compliment this look beautifully.
If you like to stand out, Isabella Blow is your hero! Choose bold colors and asymmetrical designs. Look up Philip Treacy, he is the KING of Millinery.

The top hat is vintage with new embellishments. The bottom hat was made for the Mass Appeal segment this Wednesday. We will be teaching you how to make the bottom hat with simple materials. Total cost was less than $10! Derby hats are meant to make a statement! Here are some great color combinations for this season:

Your hat should be the boldest statement of all the pieces you wear. Let’s take the first color combination and work out an outfit. I made a hat for the segment in these colors to give you a good example.
Your colors are pink, coral and a neutral beige or baby pink. If you have a hat with two colors, you will want to wear neutral nude shoes. If you have a hat with one color such as coral, you can wear pink shoes and a pink dress with a pattered scarf to match the hat. Big bracelets or rings are better than big necklaces, since the necklace would compete with the hat too much. The old rule of matching your hemline to your shoes doesn’t always apply for derby day.
EXAMPLE 3rd Row, 2nd down: If your dress is a floral print, take ONE neutral color from the print and wear matching shoes and a handbag, such as black. The hat can be a bolder color like coral. Jewelry should be small. In this color combination, I would advise gold not silver.
You want to wear your hat tilted to the right side with your hair on the left. Don’t wear your hat higher than two fingers above the eyebrow. (I’ll show you tomorrow on video) The brim of the hat should be no larger than your shoulders.
If you are a petite lady, wearing a tall hat will add height. If you are a plus size lady, wearing a wide brim hat tilted to one side will slim your face.

Metallic fabrics and sequins are not made for daytime. Veils are not made for night time. Trim such as sequins and big feathers should not go together for day, one or the other is best. Obviously, these rules can be broken if done in good taste.