Gold & Silver Prices are GOING UP!

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Gold and silver prices are going up. Many financial analysts say silver will continue to go up significantly in 2019. That is good and bad…good when you’re selling and bad when you are buying. Right now, we are offering an additional 10% on WEARABLE gold and silver. When you sell us wearable gold and/or silver jewelry, we will pay you 10% more! This promotion ends on January 31st so act now. From what I hear, we pay more than our competitors because we don’t scrap very many things. I repair everything I can. I love sharing your costume jewelry with the young girls and it makes my heart beam to sell our “divorce jewelry” to a blushing new bride who needs to stay within a budget. At my age, I remember what it was like to save up for a nice piece of jewelry I wanted. Now we are older, it’s really fun to give back. Thank you for sharing your jewelry with the world. People really do appreciate it. And why not make some money if you aren’t wearing certain pieces? I know my daughter would rather have household items than my jewelry at this point in her life. (She’s 25 and newly married.) Let us know how we can help you. You are always in good hands with Fancy That Antiques. I’ll see you soon and happy new year!


Malena Chipps