The first day of snow!


Yesterday was the first day of snow for New England. I’m quite certain I’m the only one celebrating. After all, Brucey is a California native and loves the heat. We both suffer for 6 months for the other one’s seasonal happiness. Hee hee! I attribute fall to a time to let go of unwanted things in our lives. As the leaves fall, it reminds me to clean out everything that no longer serves me. Winter is a time to prepare your goals for the new year… like animals store food, I store ideas. I love winter. It’s my favorite season. I love how the brink air feels on my face when I walk outside. I love how everything looks like a white wonderland. I love how you can leave food out and not worry about it because the house is so cold. I love wearing layers of sweaters, coats and boots. There are no bugs outside to bite you. It’s a wonderful time of year.

I grew up in a very cold climate. We trick or treated with costumes over our snow suits most years. We made igloos the size of small sheds in our front yard. We went sledding, skiing and made snow men. Winter was a glorious season for us. So when I hear people say they can’t go out shopping because it’s snowing, I laugh internally. It isn’t really winter until there is 5 feet of snow outside and 40 below zero! THAT is winter! So far, New England winters are very mild and lovely. It got down to 20 below last winter, which was uncomfortable. But the beauty of cold weather is, you can always warm up! Make a fire! In the summer when it’s humid and aweful and you are sweating in places you didn’t know you could, there is NOTHING you can do about it. If I ever strike it rich, I’d live in Alaska or Iceland in the summer and NE in the winter. I’d love to sleep in the ICEHOTEL for a few nights someday. Snow is MY sand. Fur is my bikini. This is going to be a wonderful winter. The farmer’s almanac says it is supposed to be a real winter. Long, cold and wet. Bring it on! If you hate winter and are going to escape to Florida, let me buy your furs. I will cherish them, repair them and give them love. I am an eskimo! Let it SNOWWWWWWWW!!!!