Costume Jewelry

Bring in your old clip earrings, grandma's big beads and other costume jewelry from days gone by that you don't wear anymore. No reason to give it away when we are happy to pay you for it.


We buy and sell vintage furs so people can enjoy them and not contribute to the production of new fur products. If you don't wear fur anymore or inherited one you don't like, we are happy to buy it and give it a good home.

Gold and Silver

We all have broken jewelry sitting around that we never get around to repairing. Gold is trading at a respectable rate and going up. You can easily turn your odds and ends into cash!

We buy full vintage costume jewelry, furs, gold and silver, pocket watches, old clocks, antiques and much more. We understand many things have sentimental value and we will work with you to find the best way to serve your needs. We will appraise your jewelry and antiques and help you find the best way to sell your precious things.
We love our community and our neighbors! As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We are happy to help you sell your valuables. If we choose not to buy your items, we can help you find the best way to sell them. We have auction contacts, estate sale reps and other valuable information we are happy to share with you.
Here’s a list of items we are currently interested in BUYING:
Vintage & Antique Jewelry (Both costume and fine)
Tea Cups
Tea Sets
Advertising Signs
Vintage Video Games
Military Memorabilia
Men’s Watches
Christian Relics such as last rites boxes, crucifixes, Mother Mary and Statues
Bird Cages
Feel free to call, text or email us with your questions.

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